For Local Mappers

Queries to support local mappers

If you're a local mapper, or running a local mapping project, then the Overpass API and Overpass Turbo can be helpful in allowing you to do things like:

  • find and correct simple errors in tagging
  • identify areas that may need to be resurveyed
  • visualise progress of a community mapping activity, e.g. to capture details about wheelchair access
  • extract useful sets of data to use in JOSM or other mapping tools

This collection of queries is intended to collect together useful queries to support these types of use case.

The API and tools aren't a substitute for directly meeting and coordinating as a community. And there are a variety of other tools, services and forums to help to monitor recent changesets or discuss projects. But a well crafted query might help guide some of that work.

Feel free to contribute any new queries or suggest queries for inclusion in the discussion forum on github.