How to contribute to this website

If you would like to contribute to this website, then you can submit new example queries, corrections or improvements via the github project

By submitting content or updates then you'll be agreeing that your work can be put into the public domain in accordance with the licence for the website and source

The following sections have more information about how to contribute. But if you'd like to discuss the project or provide more general feedback then you can use the discussion forum on github

Submitting a new query or collection of queries

If you'd like to submit a new query, then please either:

  • file an issue containing the proposed query, including a description of what it does
  • submit a pull request containing your proposed additions (or changes)

These will be reviewed for inclusion in the site. The goal is to show a range of useful, real world queries without having lots of duplicates or very similar queries.

Submitting a bug report

Note that sometimes the Overpass API and Overpass Turbo applications might report errors due to server load.

Please limit your bug reports to issues with the website (e.g. website formatting issues, spelling mistakes) or problems executing the queries.

To submit a bug, please file an issue on github.

It'd be help to provide details of what query you were running, the web page you were using and a description of the error encountered.