08 - Generating JSON output

When you're viewing results in the Overpass Turbo IDE it'll show your results on a map. Or at least it will if you have used an out option that produces some geometry.

But you can always see the raw data by clicking on the "Data" tab.

By default the Overpass API returns XML. But it can also produce JSON output.

To request that you need to use the out query setting. Confusingly this has the same name as the keyword used to generate results in different level of details, but they perform different roles and appear in different parts of a query.

  • [out:xxx] is a query setting that specifies the format of the data. It appears at the start of a query
  • out is a statement that is used to control how much data is included in the results. It appears in the body of a query.

The JSON output is a custom format. It's not GeoJSON but isn't hard to convert to that format.

If you're using the Overpass Turbo application then the "Export" menu offers the option to do this conversion for you. This is downloaded directly from the application. You can't request GeoJSON directly from the API.

Source File08-nodes-json-output.osm
  • Leigh Dodds